Preparing for Sale

Preparing to Sell Your Business

Selling your business is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your employees to approach its sale with the same careful planning and dedication you have used in building your business.

At VR, we know there are no shortcuts to success, and we know that selling your business to the right buyer, at the best price, and at the right time requires hard work, professionalism, and full-time dedication.

There are essentially 3 methods by which to transition out of a business

  • Selling to a third party,
  • Selling to family or employees,
  • Winding down the business.

Many business owners find that only the first option maximizes their return on investment they have made in their business. As your advisor in this process, we provide success-based advice and guidance on the planning, preparation, valuation, and negotiation for the sale of your business. Our work is not finished until a successful transaction is closed.

Even if now is not the time to sell, there are many things an owner can be doing now to ensure that he/she receives the maximum price for his/her business when the time to sell does arrive. Contrary to common belief, not all businesses can be easily sold. Businesses with customer concentration issues, with inadequate books and records, or in which the owner possesses all of the expertise with no trained staff, may prove difficult to sell. Many of these issues can be addressed by working with a trusted advisor who can guide the business owner through these challenges well in advance of the decision to sell.

We strongly encourage you to invest time now in evaluating the firm that you will select to manage the sale of your business. Choosing the VR office located in Greenville means putting your peace of mind and the possibility of achieving the best possible result at the very forefront of this process. VR can be your advisor now, guiding you to an eventual successful transaction.

Keep-in-mind that anything that increases sales also increases profits and the all-important cash flow!

Make it easy on the buyer to make a positive decision by making certain your business shows like a winner.

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