Why VR?

VR Advantage

With a proven methodology for selling businesses, VR is the only international network of full-time professional business intermediaries dedicated to serving clients’ needs.

As a VR client, you will receive

  • Maximum marketing exposure for your business.
  • Confidentiality throughout all phases of the process.
  • Timeliness in the transaction.
  • Negotiation skills by a trained mediator.
  • Proven qualification process for potential buyers.
  • Professionalism and integrity.

Our mission is to help business owners and franchisees successfully sell their businesses at the right time and for the best possible price under prevailing market conditions. At the same time, we enable qualified entrepreneurs to successfully purchase a business that meets their professional and lifestyle objectives.

We are proud to have trust, honesty and integrity as fundamental values in our process. Our network of business intermediaries work together to not only complete the sales transaction, but also to serve as an advocate for our clients throughout each phase of the transaction.

There are no upfront fees required to secure our representation services. Since our fees are realized only upon the successful accomplishment of a transaction, our interests are directly linked to those of our clients.

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