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Starting and building a business is tough, but exiting can be even tougher.

Owners of private, mid-market companies, who are considering its sale should execute the process with forethought and precision, sell for the correct reasons, have a clear understanding of the value, appreciate the credit and capital markets, and be prepared to deal with financial, operational, technology, and human resource issues during the transaction.

This is a daunting task for the owner or management team who should be concentrating on the operation of the company, not its sale. These are just some of the reasons to engage VR Mergers & Acquisitions.

With long-term relationships with leading international strategic buyers and financial groups, VR offers its sell-side advisory services to the most discerning of clients around the globe. By leveraging a successful track record that spans five decades, our proven experience makes the transaction as effortless as possible, so that time is never distracted from operations.

Without placing any limitations, our general scope of expertise entails:

  • Understanding your motivation and objectives
  • Building the foundation for value, taking into consideration timing and market factors
  • Preparation of “interest teaser”, offering memorandum, and management presentations
  • Identification of potential strategic or financial acquisition candidates
  • Negotiations of price, and structure for either a sale, partnership, or investment
  • Managing of due diligence through proprietary VR confidential data room
  • Working together with legal, accounting, and tax advisors
  • Preparation and negotiation of the definitive legal documents
  • Meeting conditions to closing and obtaining key third-party consents
  • Helping facilitate the post-closing integration plan

The goal when selling a business is often to capture the highest value possible.

While a number of factors drive deal valuation – company prospects, competitive landscape, economic conditions, deal structure and tax structure – well prepared sellers that work with VR Mergers & Acquisitions, are better positioned to meet the challenges posed by potential acquirers during the transaction process.

Is this a right time to sell?

Schedule a confidential appointment with our agent and develop your exit strategy and prepare your business for sale.

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